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'Lost Souls' Inktober day seven

7 angel art batty bat creative process creepy creepy cute day seven doodles drawing england evening rant flowers ghosts goth heart hearts ink ink drawing inktober inktober2016 kathryn mason lost souls love marker pens moon heart art october red scribbles skulls spider supernatural U.K winged

My Inktober day 7 squiggles, 'Lost Souls' as promised, the complete reveal of yesterdays sneak preview. LOVE the smell of marker pens (could well be high on fumes typing this)!

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'Collect' drawing for Inktober day three

art art book artist collect creative process crow crows drawing england heart ink drawing inktober inktober2016 kathryn mason love murder october

Tonight's inktober offering :) Todays theme is 'collect'. Perfecto!...As crows are master collectors. On seeing this drawing my Sister sent me a lovely email saying that i should create a book with my crow drawings. Something i've wanted to do for a very long time. Thanks Sis, i shall endeavour to do just that! ♥

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Inktober day two, 'Caaaaaw' doodle

art artist biro busy day caaaaw corvidae creative process crow england im joking inktober inktober2016 kids everywhere mad artist house must be mental not joking october save me someone take me on holiday somewhere in the sunshine please

'Caaaaaw' speedy sketch completed in seconds from my very noisy, crazy household (i'd have it no other way)! For day two of inktober.

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My watercolour pendant painting process

creative process how to miniature painting

I've been asked time and time again if my mini painted pendants are original. YES! Yes, they are indeed hand painted miniature watercolours. So its about time i shared the creative process, to show what can be achieved with a steady hand and patience. Then i can direct people here to *fingers crossed* be helpful and stem the flow of questions! People say to never reveal how you go about your art, that you should be scared of copycats. I prefer to live by the adage 'there is nothing to fear but fear itself'. My work is original and no-one...

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