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'Lost Souls' Inktober day seven

7 angel art batty bat creative process creepy creepy cute day seven doodles drawing england evening rant flowers ghosts goth heart hearts ink ink drawing inktober inktober2016 kathryn mason lost souls love marker pens moon heart art october red scribbles skulls spider supernatural U.K winged

My Inktober day 7 squiggles, 'Lost Souls' as promised, the complete reveal of yesterdays sneak preview. LOVE the smell of marker pens (could well be high on fumes typing this)!

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Day six prompt theme 'Hidden'

angel art artist batty bat biro creepy creepy cute day six doodles drawing england flowers ghosts goth hearts hidden ink ink drawing inktober inktober2016 kathryn mason love scribbles skulls supernatural winged

Yup, with 'Hidden' being today's theme you just get a snippet of what will be tomorrows creation....A super zoomed in pic of my doodly scribbles. I assure you that the Devil is in the detail ♄ It'll look better tomorrow i promise!

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Spider scribbles for inktober day four

arachnid arachnophobia art artist biro creepy drawing england hungry i must taste awesome ink ink drawing inktober inktober2016 invasion kathryn mason october spider spider drawing stay outside you eight legged freaks why do they like me so much?

Day four prompt for inktober is 'hungry' and as these lil crawly critters are always hungry for a chomp on me, here's todays speedy scribble.

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