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launch silly celebration Site gone live U.K

Its business time and im hitting the ground running with my business socks on, yeah baby.
Flight of The Conchords business time gif for Kathryn Mason Art launch

Meanwhile, advertising has re-commenced and due to that i've been bombarded with 'helpful' phone-calls, the joys...You know when you're busy and you get useless marketing calls up-selling? Keeping the 'Deadpool' humour inside my mind and not allowing it out of my mouth, tricky.

Adding my jewellery to the site has been taking longer than anticipated, but its coming together splendidly. Considering catagorising pieces in to themed collections; Sci-fi for my fellow chic geeks ♥ Corvid for my goth fiends and crow fanciers ♥ Dystopia for my post-apocalyptically inclined punks and perhaps ♥ Kawaii for my cute lil pastel creatures! Something along those lines. Bit of a minefield classifying the thingies i love, much like the supernatural, everything crosses over, but im a trouper! It'll improve accessibility to your preferred genre. Anywho, a big fat yippie for the site being ALIVE!

Its alive gif for kathryn mason art site launch

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