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I'm Kathryn, British artist and crafts person, born July 9th 1980, in Birmingham, England. I've been working in the arts since completing Art and Design studies at South Devon college in 2001. Whilst at art college I had my first experience of being truly 'moved' by a piece of art, on a visit to the Tate Modern I sat perched in front of a Mark Rothko painting, overwhelmed, tears rolled down my face...I found my calling! Upon my return I set to work making my own huge canvases from scratch, furiously chopping, sanding and stretching, then painting. It felt like such a magnificent emotional release.

I sold those first abstract artworks on ebay, where I met several buyers who sold my work on to large companies for their offices. My art business was off the ground, I could barely keep up with orders for large scale canvas art for offices, profits were great and I enjoyed the lifestyle for many years. I'd created a portfolio of over 500 largely abstract paintings for corporate companies to choose for their walls. I was proud of what I'd accomplished, though they say 'pride comes before a fall'...I'd painted the same paintings a zillion times and became disillusioned with slogging it out painting days-into-nights-into-days in obscurity for companies choosing similar styles. On the positive, I became accomplished at creating abstract art, interior design and working to strict deadlines.

I moved to Cornwall in 2003 and gradually focused more on creating original art which made me happy again! I've spent a great deal of time honing my drawing skills, nearing photorealistic with my graphite pencil portraits. I love private commissions for drawings! I currently work full time from my dinky, chaotic home studio just outside of Liskeard. I still prolifically paint large canvas paintings, though now I also illustrate weird and wonderful things. My paintings are more luxurious these days, often with a gothic feel, I no longer make my own canvases...I buy them in and concentrate on creating glamourous, intense artworks which exude opulence.

I have a keen interest in fringe sciences, the supernatural, occult, science fiction, Ufology and all things Corvidae. These themes naturally flow within most of my work. I listen to heavy metal music and iffy alternative radio stations online whilst I work...I love a good conspiracy theory...For giggles and alternative ideas to make me question and expand my perception.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, going for woodland walks, photography and taking in all the natural beauty which surrounds me in magical Cornwall. I keep large portfolios of prior artwork and welcome visitors to my home to view, purchase and commission my work, please contact me in advance to arrange this and to discuss ideas for your bespoke artwork...Be it for your home, office, or dungeon!

Photo of artist Kathryn Mason painting
Photo of me in collaboration with Rick Smith of SmiffeaseShots

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