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Why am i doing this?

death to facebook evening rant social media sucks

Aside from the obvious business reasons to blog, top of my list is the social media toilet. Plopping away time on facebook, yuck. Then there's the death of free Facebook advertising...I had a great page on Facebook once, sold and shared lots of my art, made new arty buddies, shared ideas and gained a great loyal following. Then, i moved to a new page (on getting shot of my old yucky married name), around this time Facebook started rolling out the ever more irritating changes. People can no longer see my new page posts unless i pay (there's an entire essay i could write on how that pisses me off, content stealing barstuards), yes i'll pay for my website to show up in searches, but that feels WAY less dirty. Had enough of living in Facebook's brave new world, thanks.

My personal newsfeed has gotten boring, sheeple, meh. Sick to death of Facebook choosing for me what i'd like to see on my (their) newsfeed. Irked at the postings all being the same and seemingly not written by the people who post them, SO bored by peoples right wing political drivel....And assuming there might be more people like me out there, out here, away from social media. Google...Can i sit at your table? Will you share my words within your search engine so other like-minded freaks can find me? I read that if i type 3000 words a week in to my site, you'll do just that. THREE THOUSAND WORDS?!!!

...On that note, you'll have figured pretty quickly that i may not be the most academically minded blogger (my lucky Sister got the brainy genes, she'll cringe when she reads this, sorry Sis), but i can rabbit about sci-fi and my artiness for aeons. So this last reason may seem trivial, but this REALLY grinds my gears...WHY do people who've never seen an episode of Star Trek share Picard Memes all over Facebook? You cant converse with these people because they have no clue what you're talking about. Gah.

Picard face palming gif at Kathryn Mason social media rant

So now im back off to Facebook to post a link to this blog, sticking it to the man, alongside a picture of a cat. Dammit.

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